Why digital marketing?

Why digital marketing?

Not everyone has an affinity for digital ads, social media, and all things internet. But there’s no denying the power of digital marketing to level the playing field for small business.

Digital ads can put your message in front of people at all stages of their shopping experience, at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional media. It’s like guerilla marketing on coffee and steroids.

Digital marketing works exceptionally well when integrated with conventional media and local guerrilla efforts… but time and again, we see the ROI of digital campaigns blow away everything else.

Here are the three best reasons to go digital:

1. Search ads can reach people when they’re actively shopping for your product or service

2. You can target your very best prospects or customers

3. Many tools are inexpensive or even free for businesses with a defined local market

And if that’s not enough, just know that while you’re thinking about it, your competitors are doing it! 

There are many more compelling reasons to use digital ads, search ads, social media, and email marketing. If you’re up for learning more, check out these articles.

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No matter your proficiency with tech, Zap Marketing can dial up a digital strategy for your business, select the right tools, configure and manage it, then analyze the results. If you prefer to keep the management in-house, that’s great! We’ll do whatever you need to get started and fill in the gaps.

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